What is a Bio-Ceramic?

Bio-Ceramic is a substance composed by combining ceramics and several types of mineral oxides like Silica (SiO2) and Alumina (Al2O3). This mixture is capable of emitting Far Infra Red (FIR). 

How Bio-Ceramics are made?

26 types of ceramics and various types of mineral oxides in a powder form are mixed. The mixture is known as Bio-Ceramics. FIR products are made out of Bio-Ceramics that is being exposed to an extreme heat equivalent to a temperature 1600 deg.C. 

What are Far Infra Red Rays?

FIR is part of Sunlight the spectrum of rays which is invisible & beneficial to Human body. FIR is a type of Electromagnetic wave and is a form of thermal energy which creates a warm effect on the human body. Far Infra Red Rays are commonly known as "Light of Life" because it has brought life to the earth.  

What is the use of FIR?

FIR is known to have positive effects on living organisms in human bodies, plants and animals. It helps retain their freshness and prolong life. 

How does FIR work on the Human body?

The invaluable role of FIR on human body are as follows:

1) To activate water molecules in the body.

2) To increase oxygen content of the body.

3) To heat and expand blood capillaries to promote blood circulation.

4) To expel toxic wastes from the body.

5) To activate body cells for better enzymes secretion.

6) Reduce acidity in the blood.

7) To reduce pressure on our nervous system.

8) To increase metabolism process.

What are the benefits of FIR in other applications?

1) To maintain and increase freshness.

2) To reduce aching and pain.

3) To reduce water acidity.

4) To regulate body temperature and promote perspiration.

5) To get rid of bad smell & prevent growth of bacteria.

6) To ionize air & water.

7) To maintain youthful look (beauty applications).

8) To slow down ageing process.

9) To regenerate body cells and increase energy level.

10) To maintain acid-alkaline equilibrium in the body.

11) To normalize blood cholesterol.

12) To regenerate cells damaged by alcohol..



Is there a guarantee on the effectiveness of the products?

Neither Company nor anyone is in a position to give out guarantee. This did not even happen in the mainstream of medical practices. The emphasis here is based on the scientific facts and through general observations. It helps a lot in prevention and the method of treatment as well. 

Are these products addictive?

Scientifically, there is not a single proof that they are addictive.

Can these products Cure?

The word "Cure" itself is a misconception even in the modern medicine practice. FIR is one of the ways to rectify, enhance and to treat people who are suffering from various ailments.

Are there any side effects after usage?

There are no side effects whatsoever as all these products are based on Naturopathy. Alas, some might go through "Healing Crisis".

What is "Healing Crisis"?

Healing crisis is when our body experiences a state of detoxification. It follows with some minor ailments. It is advised that the user continues using or applying the product. If the occurrence is quite serious, stop using for a while and proceed with the application later.

Is there any possibility of no effects after usage and when this happens, what should be done?

Actually it effects everyone relatively. However, the application helps a lot in terms of prevention & control of various physical ailments & diseases. 

How long after first usage can the effects be seen or felt?

It depends on the individual. To some it can be felt in a very short period of time. Based on the findings of the Japanese researchers, the effects can be seen/ felt between one week to three months of continuous usage. It is dependent on the amount of toxins prevalent in the body.  

Are there any testimonials to prove the effectiveness of the products?

There are a lot of Happy users from within and outside the country. CONYBIO products have a proven track record with positive customer feed back & actual user testimonials.