FIR THE LIGHT OF LIFE fir technology





FIR is commonly known as the "Light of Life". It is an invisible part of the spectrum of sunlight and as such is also known as the "Invisible Light". It is known as the "Light of Life" because it has brought life to the Earth. Until today, the development and reproduction of all life-forms on Earth depends upon FIR found in sunlight. To cite a few examples, All insects depend on sunlight to hatch their eggs and propagate them. This is all done by FIR.

Sea turtles lay their eggs on the sandy beaches and bury them in the sand. Under the heat of the Sun, especially the effects of FIR acting on the eggs for a period of time, tiny turtles are hatched. This is one of the forms, which FIR has contributed. If there were no sunlight, the above example of procreation would not have taken place. As such, we call FIR in sunlight the "Light of Life"

Actually, FIR does not only originate from the Sun itself. Many living things on Earth such as Human Beings, animals, soil and minerals are able to produce FIR under specific conditions and such rays are similar in nature to the "Light of Life".

Hens and many other birds embrace their eggs and use the heat produced by their bodies to hatch them. They are in fact using FIR produced by their bodies to do the hatching, thus producing life.

Under this simple reproductive process, the eggs of insects, sea turtles, hens and birds have developed tremendously under the influence of FIR. These changes have caused the albumin and the yolk to develop into blood vessels, nerves, skeletons, organs, etc. and give life to the young which live together with their mothers in this world. That is why the effects of FIR are so great. Our bodies too can produce FIR . The intensity of FIR produced by the Humanbeing varies from person to person. However, when it begins to decline, the human body will be subjected to attacks by ailments and diseases, age quickly and become old. There will be a decline in the state of health and when we are about to face death, FIR radiation from the human body will be near to zero.

As such the human body requires a continuous supply of FIR from mother nature to boost the powers of the FIR found in our bodies. Constant exposure to sunlight will make our body feel healthier and because of this, we will feel energetic and stronger after having a sun -bath. From the physics point of view, FIR is a form of light. It is a form of light invisible to our eyes and as such is known as the 'Invisible Light' It possesses properties similar to Light. It has a fixed wavelength range, is a transverse wave, which is a component of the electromagnetic spectrum. It travels in straight lines and also experiences refraction and reflection. When it comes in contact with bodies of similar wavelength resonance takes place, thus causing both of them to vibrate at the same frequency and eventually the FIR is absorbed by the body itself. It also possesses a form of "Natural Energy". Heat which we experience everyday is all due to the presence of FIR. what is fir?





When the normally smooth, firm linings of the arteries become thickened and roughened by deposits of fat, fibrin, calcium and cellular debris, it will lessen the arteries ability to expand and contract and slows the blood movement through narrowed channels.

These conditions make it easier for blood clots to form, blocking the arteries and stopping blood flow completely.

Our body temperature is normally at 36 °C to 37 °C. When we exercise, blood flow increases, increase in blood flow results in increase in the metabolic rate. Increase in metabolic rate paves the way for ejecting body waste & toxins through sweat.

In this process, the body waste is being eliminated, and proper food nutrient ingested to supplement our body, which becomes vital for longevity. It is also a fact that materials like clothing can keep our body warm but it does not emit FIR for absorption - only fabrics that contain bioceramic, materials have the properties if worn and used on a long term basis on our body, will one achieve optimum health benefits

Why do we say that 4-16 micron is the Bio-Genetic Rays? The basis is on usage, research on living things coupled with FIR. Temperature of every living thing including animals and plants is normally within the range 0 °C to 50 °C . The ability to absorb electromagnetic waves is also within this range and this wavelength is between 8-12 microns, the external emission rate of the human body. It is within the frequency range of 4 - 16 micron. Extensive biological research has shown that FIR wavelengths between 4 - 16 micron are beneficial to human body and consequently known as the physiological rays or Bio-Genetic Rays.

There are many medical specialist and researchers who have determined that our body can quickly react to absorb the distal infrared. The distal infrared causes the water molecules in the body to vibrate and then it causes heat reaction through resonant absorption; and the heat causes the temperature under the skin to increase, resulting in expansion of capillaries to promote blood circulation and eliminate obstacles that hinder metabolism; and the tissues get activated to result in the formation of enzyme.

The water molecules in the body is likewise changed into micro-molecules, and would get rid of toxic and body waste and make the water more active to increase metabolic rate. Apart from this, 4 -16 micron FIR in the blood stream is able to neutralise blood toxicity and smoothen the wall of arteries, capillaries and veins.

A research conducted by Japanese Medical Professor (Tanji) on white mice with cancer cells showed that the application of FIR (Bio-Genetic Rays) could also help to convert the cancer cells back to normal healthy cells. That is why the Bio-Genetic Rays is so amazing. fir technology






Infrared Rays having a wavelength between 4-16 microns benefits the human body. The normal absorption of resonant frequency for human body is 8 to 15 microns. However, the range of absorbable band of all organic matter on our planet is approximately 6 to 15 microns. This activates water molecules, vibrates through resonance, improves and increases blood circulation and metabolic function, cleanses the body of toxic wastes, decreases acidity in the blood, increases blood's oxygen content and retards ageing process.

26 different ceramics and various mineral oxides such as Aluminium dioxide Al2O3 , Silicon dioxide SiO2 etc,are mixed in a certain proportion and processed, such that it is capable of producing FIR from body heat generated at 36.9 °C temperature. This composition is preheated to 1600 °C , cooled and embedded in the fabric through an exothermic process and shaped into various CONYBIO BIOCERAMIC PRODUCTS.

The natural resonant frequencies of water and organic substances are within the FIR frequencies. Therefore water and organic substances absorb energy easily from the radiated FIR waves.